Sunday, November 10, 2013


Few shows coming up. Last one for HELTA SKELTA for a while. PLASTIC BAGS has a few more coming up in Fremantle in November too

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Back from Melbourne and Maggot Fest, had a Bl'ast! Thanks to everyone who helped us out one way or another, especially Tim Scott and Tom Bradford, legends. Will definately be looking forward to next year.

Got the new PLASTIC BAGS cassette up in the store now and got a few more things to add shortly. Get on

Anyone chasing the new HELTA SKELTA 7" can now get it from SORRY STATE RECORDS (US), STATIC SHOCK RECORDS (UK), NAT RECORDS (JAPAN) and any good record strore in Melbourne. Record stores in Brisbane and Sydney will have copies soon, and you can still pick it up here. ASBESTOS 7" has now sold out, a few stores and distros still have copies though.

Finally got a few more releases in the works including a cassette from Perth's PEOPLE PROBLEM, an LP from PLASTIC BAGS and some others, but more info soon.

That's it nothin' more