Saturday, February 28, 2015


Now available from US distros SORRY STATE and SOAP AND SPIKES
SORRY STATE: "Demo cassette from this new band out of Perth, Australia that features members of Helta Skelta. While a lot of the bands coming out of Australia have the rock and roll edge that one associates with the history of punk in that country, but this is full-bore crusty hardcore along the lines of Totalití_r. And when I say this sounds like Totalití_r I'm not joking... I know that's sort of a generic reference point for bands that play fast, non-stadium d-beat, but man Earth Bastard actually sound a LOT like them. The recording on this tape is also great... it's easy to be either too clean or too raw with this style, but Earth Bastard nail it with a sound that's clear, heavy, but just a little bit fuzzy and raw. More importantly, though, the energy level is absolutely through the roof here. If you dig stuff like Skemí_ta or Green Beret you need to check this out... it's a monster!"

I've still got a handful left. Might have some at TOTAL ATTACK this year too, which EARTH BASTARD is playing

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

EAGLE BOYS - Kambalda 7"

Fuckin' great British / Oz punk. Got a coupl a' copies of this in stock.

The Eagle Boys were a foursome who had gathered from all corners of the globe (including two or three from Western Australia) to play a type of rock based music vaguely reminiscent of 76'ers like Wire, the Saints and X. They were based in London and played a handful of shows to few. Fans of modern Australian imports like Bits of Shit or Eddy Current Suppression Ring might find something to like here. Named for a notoriously bland national pizza chain (“tinned bomb shelter vegetables, powdered-dust bases, Carlingroyals20innitcheesesemenscrape, OAP skin-fold oil and frozen pie meat”), the Eagle Boys were and remain a truly great band that went well under the radar in their short tenure, and this EP-mastered by Iron Maiden's recording engineer- serves as a reminder that if you ain't heard of it, it must be good. (Brendon Annesley/Negative Guest List)

Monday, February 2, 2015

RRK 7"

US customers, the RED RED KROVVY 7" is now available from Grave Mistake Records and Sorry State Records. So save on postage and pick one up from here.

SORRY STATE: 2nd 7" from this Australian band with a few well-regarded cassette releases and a previous 7" on RIP Society. This EP definitely continues Australia's recent trend of absolutely killing it... Red Red Kroovy are kind of raw and primal, but without falling into the trap of sounding too much like any one particular era or band that they sound overly retro. I'm kind of stumped for reference points because this just sounds so straightforwardly punk that there's really not another word you need to attach to it. The riffs are really simple and straightforward, but it's just mega catchy and mean. If you're into recent bands like the UV Race, Deaf Wish, etc. you'll definitely want to check this out, but it also has more than a little of the Murder Punk sound of bands like the Victims and Razar in it as well.