Saturday, February 28, 2015


Now available from US distros SORRY STATE and SOAP AND SPIKES
SORRY STATE: "Demo cassette from this new band out of Perth, Australia that features members of Helta Skelta. While a lot of the bands coming out of Australia have the rock and roll edge that one associates with the history of punk in that country, but this is full-bore crusty hardcore along the lines of Totalití_r. And when I say this sounds like Totalití_r I'm not joking... I know that's sort of a generic reference point for bands that play fast, non-stadium d-beat, but man Earth Bastard actually sound a LOT like them. The recording on this tape is also great... it's easy to be either too clean or too raw with this style, but Earth Bastard nail it with a sound that's clear, heavy, but just a little bit fuzzy and raw. More importantly, though, the energy level is absolutely through the roof here. If you dig stuff like Skemí_ta or Green Beret you need to check this out... it's a monster!"

I've still got a handful left. Might have some at TOTAL ATTACK this year too, which EARTH BASTARD is playing

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