Tuesday, February 3, 2015

EAGLE BOYS - Kambalda 7"

Fuckin' great British / Oz punk. Got a coupl a' copies of this in stock.

The Eagle Boys were a foursome who had gathered from all corners of the globe (including two or three from Western Australia) to play a type of rock based music vaguely reminiscent of 76'ers like Wire, the Saints and X. They were based in London and played a handful of shows to few. Fans of modern Australian imports like Bits of Shit or Eddy Current Suppression Ring might find something to like here. Named for a notoriously bland national pizza chain (“tinned bomb shelter vegetables, powdered-dust bases, Carlingroyals20innitcheesesemenscrape, OAP skin-fold oil and frozen pie meat”), the Eagle Boys were and remain a truly great band that went well under the radar in their short tenure, and this EP-mastered by Iron Maiden's recording engineer- serves as a reminder that if you ain't heard of it, it must be good. (Brendon Annesley/Negative Guest List)

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