Sunday, May 13, 2012


Next releaase is locked in, HSR:002 Napalm Hearts - Urban Noise 7"

These guys aren't together anymore but they released a demo back in 2008 that I'm now having pressed. These guys were around for a while in Melbourne playing their own take on hardcore that toed the line between bands like Negative Approach, and UK street punk and oi! With hard hitting vocals and catchy hooks. They took a no bullshit approach to this kind of music as it should be and played some great live shows. The Dead Boys cover on here is sleazy and fucking great adding to the aesthetic. I'm glad I was over that way at the time to catch them and am pretty excited to be re-releasing this.
Just fine tuning the artwork and then it's off to the plant

Napalm Hearts - Freedom is by HeltaSkeltaRecords

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