Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Now that the first semester of this year is over and less of my time is consumed by my studies, you might see some more useless ephemera, punk relics posted on here, then again you might not.
Anyway there's a few shows coming up that are worth checking out.

And here's a few clips worth checking out.

Anyone know what happened to these guys? Whether they've got anything new in the works or even if they're still together? Their first couple of cassettes and the 7" were some of the best heard in recent years, it'd be good to know if they've got something more planned.


CulturalMonoxide said...
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CulturalMonoxide said...

Pathetic Human? Splitsville about 2 years ago I think. Re-release of the self titled 7" coming out soon on Nopatience though. Ex members are now in Headless Death & Chrome Dome amongst other bands/projects.