Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Both of these are back from the plant and available for order.
$12pp anywhere within Australia
Wholesale get in thouch

 HSR:003 Agitated's debut 7 ". Highly influenced by early 80s US hardcore but with an Austarlian edge. These guys listen to a lot of Adolescents and JFA which definately shows on this recording but more broadly this reminds me a lot of the early hardcore that came out of Southern California and even the DC scence in the early 80s. This is immature, aggressive hardcore.

   Agitated - Gender Issues by HeltaSkeltaRecords

 HSR:002 These guys were around for a while in Melbourne playing their own take on hardcore heavily influenced by UK street punk and oi! Think Negative Approach and Last Resort. With hard hitting vocals and catchy hooks.The Dead Boys cover on here is great and sleazy, adding to the aesthetic.
They took a no bullshit approach to this kind of music as it should be and played some great live shows. This recording was originally released by Stained Circles on cassette but quickly sold out. Four new tracks have been added to the B side here, all from the same session.

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