Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Couple of reviews from Maximuum Rock n Roll and Sorry State Records of the Asbestos 7". Think Sorry State still has a few copies but other than that I've only got about 20 copies left, so if you want one better get on it.

Sorry State Records:
After a standout 12" in 2011, here's the follow-up EP from Australia's Helta Skelta. This band plays the best kind of hardcore and punk, i.e. the kind that defiantly flouts any kind of boundaries. The first song here is a brutal, mid- to slow-paced stomper that could be a Violent Future outtake, but then the second track, while holding at a similar tempo, weaves in some catchy punk guitar and recalls other great Australian bands from the Chosen Few and Radio Birdman right up to Eddy Current / UV Race. The b-side kind of weaves these sounds together while picking up the tempo, arriving at a more hardcore-inflected take on the Dangerhouse sound.


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