Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Some great, strictly Australian reviews up at TERMINAL BOREDOM.
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Helta Skelta "Asbestos" EP
Aussie outfit from Perth I've never heard before, this is their second or third record, with members of Extortion. Kind of a weird mix of hardcore and garage punk, like Rupture meets The Onyas or something. I like it quite a bit, especially "Smile" which is a weird DIY sounding tune with some surfy guitar parts and dum-dum vox. "Rust" is very muscular mid-tempo punk with burly vox, "Suedehead" is not a Morrissey cover but a ballsy slow-tempo HC stomper. "Face" is great snotty shit with an odd post-punk angle to it. Very cool stuff, almost like a more punk or yobbo Hygiene or something, very hard to describe these guys which is always a plus in my book.(RK)

Got some copies of the AMDI PETERSENS ARME - DISCOG LP on the way too, as well as some other releases from HJERNESPIND RECORDS, should be here anyday. Some of Denmark's best! As well as that the distro is updated pretty regularly so check back for new releases.

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