Thursday, March 19, 2015


I didn't think we'd be seeing another Red Red Kroovvy record, they seemed like the sort of band who would make a great little punk 7" and then disappear. But they're still banging around Perth, and 'II' shows some, just kidding, they still sound like the Murder Punk comps run through a sieve and distilled into some sort of pure Australian Seventies punk-thud. The girl singer really lets it rip on this one, and this is a real value with five songs on it, and they're all 100% punk, no indie rock or synths anywhere to be found. "Desire II" is the second coming of Suicice Squad, "Real Life" crawls on the floor like a slightly more competent Germs, "Global Citizen" gets all political and almost starts making me think they've heard a Crass record since we last heard from them. B-Side has "New Year" which is just rude punk rock that you dont hear much anymore - just a riff and lyrics that yell AT you, and speaking of yelling, "Sick" really sends this record off on a high note. Absolutely recommended and absolutely punk.(RK)

Red Red Krovvy take their time, following their 2013 7″ EP with this new one roughly two years later (which is equivalent to fifteen years in punk time). I appreciate their unhurried approach, and that sort of casual attitude seeps into the unpolished lo-fi punk rock of this EP. They plod along like Fatal Microbes, occasionally recall the gnarlier moments of Naked Aggression’s existence, and probably work in fine tandem with Ausmuteants, were they to ever share a bill. Maybe some early FYP moments too, in the way that the drumming is delightfully sloppy and results in some unexpected beats and changes. A song like “New Year” shouldn’t make me want to mosh, and yet it does, as the band’s humble means do little to mask their fiery intent. This band is probably all wimpy nerds, but I still wouldn’t mess with them, you know?

RED RED KROVVY 7" now available at the stellar EASTER BILBY RECORDS too (US)

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